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24. / 25. / 26. of July 2009 in Berlin

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In 2009 we already celebrate the 6th edition of xplore. We take this as an opportunity to return to our original motto „The Art of Lust“ and „The Lust of Art.
The program of the current edition is aimed to a broader public. It invites to discover techniques of creative sexuality, BDSM and Bodyart and to make fresh ideas about love and relations accessible.

The program this year is loosely structured around three issues: BODY / ART / LOVE.
Most of the workshops offer practical opportunities to learn basic skills for sensual play and to experience new sensations, from gentle body practices such as massage and Tantra to the intense stimulations provided by SM-Play. Some workshops are dedicated to information and communication, we hope to provide interesting ideas and prepare a space for discussion and intellectual exchange as well. Then several artists are invited to present their own vision of Art and Eroticism, using their specific medium to realize performances, concerts, installations and workshops.

As an extra we will present a „Best of xplore“ this year , proposing once again some of our favourite workshops from 5 years of xplore. Besides we are planning an improved sensual food concept, we will have an open space for Bondage Practice and we will expand the Massage Lounge.

The special athmosphere of xplore is created by the participants: Those that come every year and those that come for the first time. It is the heterogenity of these people, their relaxed attitude, their intelligence and openness, but most of all their sexiness that makes xplore such an amazing experience: An intense and challenging, yet light and lusty expedition, a weekend trip over the heights (and through the abysses!!) of human inventiveness in sexual matters.

We are happy if you all come back! We are even more happy if you bring all your curious friends, collegues and partners with you!

Welcome to our playground!

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